“Worst Case Scenario” happening? Upwelling “bringing oil from the deep waters up to shallow” near FLORIDA coast — “It is disturbing” (VIDEO)

“Some of our greatest concerns” says Fed-friendly scientist

Critical Ocean Life Threatened by Oil on Gulf Floor, CNN, August 17, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

LARRY MCKINNEY, HARTE RESEARCH INST. FOR GULF OF MEXICO STUDIES: … [T]hey do tend to support some of our greatest concerns about the fate of these underwater plumes that were discovered back in June, and that is that they could be picked up and this conveyor belt that is upwelling in Desoto Canyon and bringing this oil from the deep waters up to the shallow, and that seems to be what the Florida State folks are saying. …

JOHN ROBERTS, CNN ANCHOR:… [T]he USF study said, quote, “These findings, although preliminary, suggest that subsurface oil may be emerging on to the west Florida shelf through the Desoto Canyon.” So this is not just restricted to the extremely deep water. There’s enough welling as you mentioned before. How widespread could this become?

MCKINNEY: Well, it depends on how big those plumes are and how long they persist, but that conveyer belt moves water rather quickly. And so the fact that the Florida state folks are finding oil up on that shelf at the distance that they’re finding it is disturbing from that regard. That means that that oil plume could be moving up on the shelf and that’s sort of a worst case scenario. We would not like to see that at all.

McKinney’s dire language should not be ignored. He has worked with federal agencies for decades and may do so still judging by his recent statements, “Larry McKinney, director of a Gulf of Mexico research center at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, said the new federal data showed that it was a ‘nearly perfect’ outcome. ‘They hit it on the head.'”

Fortunately, USF researchers left just this past weekend on another reasearch mission to Desoto Canyon,  reported the Tampa Tribune.

9 comments to “Worst Case Scenario” happening? Upwelling “bringing oil from the deep waters up to shallow” near FLORIDA coast — “It is disturbing” (VIDEO)

  • Daniel Hughes

    Last I heard, the “worst case scenario” is an ELE (Extinction Level Event). Thanks again, BP. How “Beyond Petroleum” you truly are are.

  • Jessica

    Thanks so much for your excellent coverage. Very grateful for your work.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  • Marilyn Bachmann

    My environmental Dr. has me nebulizing a mixture of 1/2 teaspoon of ACZ zeolite, 1/2 teaspoon ACS which is nano silver and one 200 mg capsule of glutathione available from Theranaturals.com (GHS plus can be nebulized). Zeolite can absorb volatile organic compounds, silver can kill just about any pathogen and glutathione protects and helps the liver detoxify. I don’t know if this will help anyone that is being exposed to all of this environmental toxic crap, but if I lived in the Gulf region, I would try it. My environmental illness Dr. is a wonderful woman at the name of Dr. Lyn Hanshew, you could google for her name.

  • patty t., alabama

    thank you for the article, video clip. and thank you Marilyn. you may help people.

  • Dave

    The lower eastern Quadrant of USA is a toxic dump.
    it is littered with toxic dumps toxic industries and now toxic beaches and waters.
    I would never ever go there and If I lived there I would move

  • premurderedGOM

    The direct blame for this crime is the former crack smoking Porn loving whores at the former Mineral Management office. BP gets secondary prize. Think of it this way, don’t you always try to save a buck? That’s what BP was doing. MM let them cut corners. I place the full blame on the gov’t office that allowed them to do this. Where are these “people” anyway? In some other Gov’t job making big bucks? And Kindra, if your reading this we will stand with you. Until the feds call out the Nationalized Military Police Force.

  • millions of people under chem warfare, only 5 speaking out. it is obvious now that people are easily controlled mentally and that the mkultra stuff is real. talk about this and people get instantly angry or look at you like you’re crazy, but then they say my kidneys hurt, my hair is falling out, etc. and they call us crazy. we will not beat this evil until people tackle the mind control operations that govern human perception, and i’m talking about globally, not just america. click my name to begin.

  • Many will soon need a place of protection from the system.
    With those with eyes to see,
    here is that place.


  • premurderedGOM

    Michelle, what a good post. If you would like to know WHY people are like this, go here….. http://deliberatedumbingdown.com/ Author and gov’t whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt has put her book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America”, free online [pdf] She also has videos. Our “education” system is based on the dog training methods of Pavlov. I was so furious when I read what had been done to me, I cried. America is “conditioned” not “taught”. Hence, why you see apathy everywhere. Please pass this on to those it might help. Godspeed…..

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