Local TV: “One of the greatest fears of the BP oil spill” happening? “Massive dead zone may be intensified by oil” (VIDEO)

Massive dead zone may be intensified by oil, WWL, October 12, 2010:

One of the greatest fears of the BP oil spill was that the oil would cause massive dead zones in the Gulf of Mexico. Right now, just off Louisiana’s coast, two dead zones are in place, including one in an area hit hardest by the oil, Chandeleur Sound. …

This year, [John Lopez with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation] said it’s larger, possibly because of the oil spill.

“We know that the oil was in the water. That may have made it larger, its ecologic effects. So, we can’t really rule out that it was affected by the oil spill,” he said.

Lopez ‘thinks’ the dead zone appeared once a couple years ago in Chandeleur Sound:

“That data that we see in 2008, it looks very similar to what we’re seeing now. We think in 2008, there was the same dead zone that was present,” Lopez said.

Full video here:

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