“Yellow foam” hits several beaches in southern England — “Massive clean-up” of “oily material” underway

Hayling Island yellow foam beaches are reopened, BBC, January 13, 2011:

Most of the beaches in West Sussex and Hampshire which were closed after yellow foam washed up on the shore have now been reopened.

The substance, believed to be castor oil, was found on beaches in Hayling Island and East Wittering on Tuesday. …

A similar substance found in Bournemouth is still being investigated.

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Beaches back in business after yellow foam alert, Portsmouth Today, January 13, 2011:

BEACHES were due to be re-opened today after a massive clean-up of a bright yellow foam that caused a chemical alert. …

Beaches on Hayling remained closed to the public yesterday as 12 staff from Havant Borough Council bagged up the oily material. …

‘It could [have come from] anywhere in the Atlantic.

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6 comments to “Yellow foam” hits several beaches in southern England — “Massive clean-up” of “oily material” underway

  • WineandCheese

    My oh my, “The final BP cleanup is near” according to today’s LA Times editorial and “the gulf is recovering quickly”. You people have it all wrong. Attitude adjustment can be found at the following:

  • Gary

    I went pee pee

    Go swimming nothing to worry about.
    Watch that wedding and send money to them.
    Most importantly bow to the queen well
    Not oil well. BP-British Petroleum

  • turtledove

    Not only did the u.s. refuse help from well-regulated Norway they are quietly carrying out the same old unregulated rape just as before.
    The article actually implies rethugs want corporate liability un-capped..what a bunch of lies.
    Anything but regulation and respect for ocean, air and earth life BEFORE THE FACT. Murdering assholes all.
    We brace ourselves now for unregulated natural gas drilling poisoning land animals and potable water full tilt.

    Stick the article, words mean NOTHING but more delusion.

  • DONE....

    We have the yellow foam here in FL. And green too. Sometimes it’s a color not on the color wheel. Interesting to see what the spring will hold. Will people really swim in the Gulf? Will the tourists come? Stay tuned…..

  • Could the yellow foam be the wash-off from gold mining: The unwanted less profitable gold?

  • patty t., alabama

    from the Gulf, around Florida, up the east coast of America, across the Atlantic Ocean, back home to England, via the broken Gulf Stream.

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