46 ppm of toxic parts of crude oil found in jellyfish eaten by bottlenose dolphins

NEW TEST RESULTS: Sea Nettles – A Common Food for Bottlenose Dolphins – Contaminated with Alarming Levels of “Persistent Toxic Components of Crude Oil”, Stuart H. Smith, Esq. blog, December 5, 2010:

  • Sample description: Composite of 3 sea nettles, (jellyfish)
  • Sampled on: September 22, 2010 by Boston Chemical Data
  • Sample location: Gulfport Beach, Mississippi, on intertidal beach
  • Testing by: ALS Laboratory of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Three sea nettles – a common food for bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf – were sampled, tested, and found to be contaminated with 46.0 mg/kg of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, (PAHs.) This is among the more contaminated samples of marine organisms our research team has sampled. PAHs found include alkylated naphthalenes, phenanthrenes, and benzo(a)pyrene. These are persistent toxic components of crude oil that can bioaccumulate and move up the food chain to contaminate predatory animals.

33 comments to 46 ppm of toxic parts of crude oil found in jellyfish eaten by bottlenose dolphins

  • nosilverspoon

    Jellies are toxic to Dolphins. IF they ARE eating them, they are desperate for food.

  • nosilverspoon:

    Do you mean that jellyfish are toxic to Dolphins normally? If so, I agree that the marine life — all of it, is desperate for food. It’s sad.

  • xdrfox

    Not all Jellies are toxic to Dolphins, One can buy jellies for human consumption. I have eaten a number of times in foreign Countries. Rolled out and deep fried I liked the best, pretty Tasty ! Jelly are now being used in helping improve the memory being sold now and creating new pain killers and many other discoveries. A remarkable creature !

  • Seafood is my favorite source of protein and I’ve had to give it up. But thats a such a small thing when compared to the effects that BP’s pursuit of more-and-more profit at greater-and-greater risk, has had on the families and their innocent children living along the Gulf Coast.

    The marine life is at near extinct levels, and as nosilverspoon said, “…marine life… is desperate for food.” And, their pain and suffering cannot be written off as the cost-of-business. The Earth will see to that. It has a huge space to fill and it needs to be done quickly. But it’s natural oil production is a little too slow to ease it’s hunger pangs quick enough. It’s gaping hole must be satiated. And it will be.

    What the weight of the water can’t rearrange, the Earth’s dropping-and-lifting of itself will do the job, and man be damned.

    The water in the Gulf of Mexico is full of negativity — and it must vent.

  • Mother Nature

    Watch Jesse Ventura’s take on the Bp disaster and what the government plans to do down there. Eliminate the population or move them to other locations so that they can have the states to drill for oil without restrictions. It’s criminal what they have done to the general public. Folks have lost their businesses and have no money to move or go anywhere. Doctors who do not know what is going on, have no idea what the illnesses are and how to treat them. People are dying down there and the media is not allowed in there so people do not know the situation unless they have computers to investigate the truth. Big money, big profits…and we also have China stealing our water from the Great lakes to put in bottles to sell to the public. The plastic they use is toxic and folks are dumb enough to buy bottled water when they can get it out of the faucet. French company Perrier is also syphoning water to bottle. They are killing the streams and wild life. See Jesse’s youtube’s…he’s spot on with the truth…

  • Mother Nature:

    The government has always encouraged people living in areas they want to move, and the cost to the displaced is of no concern to the government. Okay, sometimes they pay the population, but *never* at a reasonable purchase sum.

    The people who are sick enough to die aren’t talking; for this reason, their deaths will be of no more importance to the world than the deaths of the vultures.

    As far as China stealing our water, I really don’t think so: China owns us. And other countries as well. As for China, they are our parent and we are the dependent: It is China who is paying our bills at present, and they’re not doing that for nothing. We owe them big time, and we will probably pay them in land — multiple states wide. No kidding.

    I’m looking forward to Jesse Ventura’s program. Perhaps in a few weeks I’ll be able to see those and catchup with you guys.

    You cannot sell property that is not your won: China apparently owns a lot of our land and water sources, and our water quality concerns is of no concern to them. Their *interior* export costs are minimal. China has a good thing and we have lost control.

    China is the parent and we are the child.

  • It’s not criminal what the government has done to the general public living along the the Gulf of Mexico: It is genocide and depopulation. It is evil and it is what Luciferians do: Yes, the people in the government worship Lucifer and do his bidding: This is because they feel that Lucifer has more *available* power for them than does God. If you are not into this worship, you do not survive any political career. Period. You’re out.

  • soozla

    What else can it be but the worship of evil that would cause our govermnent to subject our people/environment to such cruelty?
    For all their lies may their souls rot.

  • xdrfox:

    Without giving away your location, what seafood company do you buy your seafood from? I surely miss seafood and I’m willing to have it shipped to me. But I’m afraid that I’d be unlucky enough to order from companies whose seafood can come from any source.

    I’m also concerned that GOM seafood [if available] will be illegaly transported to my area, by miscreants who are willing to transport the contaminated fish to grocers, ectera — for extremely low prices, and I get to pay the super high price for *ration* levels of product.

    I love oysters at Christmas, and any other time I can have them. And large scallops — oh my goodness!

  • xdrfox

    Hope your well, I go to Publix, I live 1/2 block from one and get the shrimp from Asia, and farm feed Catfish, now oysters from northern pacific or pacific ocean only, black finger clams farm grown also. The put in print where they are from, if not I would buy not knowing for sure. Can fish and such have posted on them where from. I would get anything from near Australia for there oil spill and correct use last year. … Australia: Corexit EC9500 and Corexit EC9527A Used, Activists Claim 8 Deaths, Fish Kills Linked to the Dispersant’s ! …

  • xdrfox

    A little more on the poor folks in the small Australia fishing village fighting big oil. … Many Fishermen are Now Turning to Illegal Ways of Making a Living … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/269/577/Many_Fishermen_are_Now_Turning_to_Illegal_Ways_of_Making_a_Living.html

  • xdrfox

    You made my mouth water when you said large scallops, Will see about getting some, let you know where real soon, in time for Xmas dinner. : )

  • xdrfox

    But remember that this synthia in the Gulf will have gone around the world via Gulf stream and world stream in 18 months… we have 12 to go ? I think I will stop eating all seafood very soon.

  • xdrfox

    THE SOURCE OF THE GULF BLUE PLAGUE: Syntholeispirea Gulfmexicana (BP)
    … By Michael Edward …

  • xdrfox

    Synthetic Virus Nothing new, First synthetic virus created July, 2002 More Links & Inf. (VIDEO)
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Monday, November 01, 2010 12:30 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/244/490/Synthetic_Virus_Nothing_new,_First_synthetic_virus_created_July,_2002_More_Links_Inf._VIDEO.html

  • xdrfox

    iron and other minerals in the Gulf make Agea grow too … This is a serious environmental problem… EPA administrator says

  • xdrfox

    The Pacific but the same problems … Algae Blooms with Deadly Domoic Acid “They are Really Responsive to Iron.” … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/269/472/Algae_Blooms_with_Deadly_Domoic_Acid_They_are_Really_Responsive_to_Iron..html

  • xdrfox

    Plants are Showing Us There Is Something in The Rain. (Pictures)
    To Gulf Oil Spill on Monday, October 11, 2010 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/211/091/Plants_are_Showing_Us_There_Is_Something_in_The_Rain._Pictures.html

  • xdrfox

    I have some new pictures of plant leaves that are more then I have shown before but something different is happening to some plants, Show you soon !

  • xdrfox:

    The oil spill accident in the Timor Sea, just off the North Coast of Australia has infuriated me even more than before. It’s always the same isn’t it? The oil companies — all of them, deny-deny-deny. And then they get away with paying a minimum to those poor souls who have lost their livelihoods and often, their health.

    The link you offered concerning the oil spill and PTTEP Australasia of Thailand, reads just like the BP catastrophe, except that it occured 15 months ago, and continued to flow for 74 days. The oil flow was plugged soon afterwards.

    And, they’re experiencing what we are about to go through as well: The marine life is dead/depleted and will remain so for decades, the fisherman are out of work, and the fishermen are now involved in illegal activity — in Asutralia, it’s ‘human trafficking’ — here in the states, I just don’t know.

    The big wigs say the same things; the workers failed to observe “sensible” practices in their work. The Thai government says “Widespread and systemic shortcomings” caused the worst offshore drilling accident in the country’s history, which created a massive oil slick.”

  • xdrfox

    My thoughts and more when I found these articles and posted them. I heard nothing about it here when it happened on the laimnews channels and still here nothing, pretty sad for these people and seems a pattern that follows all these spills of the same nature. Desperation of people will be forthcoming in the Gulf one would assume. Pray not !

  • nosilverspoon

    Vegtables and fruits are a joke for the last month or so. They all taste funny. Kids won’t eat them. [I have to buy Cascadian farm frozen, and their fruit too.] There is not ONE SHRED OF DOUBT in my mind these foods are full of the same sh*t that’s in the Gulf. Algae is growing in all the standing water such as ponds and inlets. Sea grass is collapsing at an alarming rate. My friend showed me the recent areas and I broke down. The whole side of the inlet grass is gone. These were once natures nurseries. Something is really wrong with the air quality. [methane ?] Noticed a remarkable change when driving about 30 minutes away from the Gulf. [kids are getting headaches] It was like I could finally take a deep breath. And for the grand finale: there is OIL in the TAP WATER. Yep. You heard it right. I see the water beading up on the dishes even through the purifier. Bought some Dawn because I was in denial, it didn’t help. Noticed it when rinsing out a tea cup. The water beaded up on the cup. I could feel it too. I always joked about throwing in the towel and living in a tent, now it doesn’t seem so funny….

  • xdrfox

    Do you have your own well or of city/county water ?
    Sad to hear that. What State and near do you live ? This synthetic virus they made to make the oil more liquid seems to be having the same effect in getting into new areas through the sands. Deep on the beaches here and only 6 ft, above sea level will be in aquifer’s soon if not already ! Sad if there is oil there then you most likely have the gift of synthetic virus’s in your water also. Shower and drink of water anyone ???

  • xdrfox

    Here are some pics of 2″ thick 9 foot below the road way. … In the Water on the Beach and In the Hole Where They Play (PICS), October 11, 2010 … http://beforeitsnews.com/story/211/600/In_the_Water_on_the_Beach_and_In_the_Hole_Where_They_Play_PICS.html

  • xdrfox:

    Desperation. How can it be otherwise?

  • xdrfox

    There is the 20 b fund as few as may be recieving a bit of it ?, over there they have no such fund !

  • nosilverspoon:

    I suspect the oil and corexit are the prime culprits regarding your breathing difficulties before you drove away. IMO methane would be a lighter molecule, and this would make it easier for the molecule, or atom, to travel faster and farther, and especially with the pull-and-heave-ho of an heavy object — moving at 45+ plus miles/hr.

    Objects in outer space do just that. Heck! The Earth is doing that right now.
    If it’s a lot smaller and lighter than Earth — it’s welcome to follow [via force] until the journey is over, for one or the other [Earth or stow-a-way]; your car and the methane. After awhile, there just ain’t enough of the methane to pursue you.

    Yet, it’s possible that your vehicle is carrying some air gunk on it’s surface. I know — it sounds crazy but it could be the case

  • nosilverspoon:

    I’ve been wondering how the agricultural and meat products industry are doing.

    And your pets? How are they doing, especially if they are outdoor pets? I hope that they are well, in spite of my fantasy that they *could* be okay.

  • xdrfox:

    Thanks. But our fellowmen living along the GOM have received a mere pentance of what they should have: I think they’ve received just enough to possibly keep payments up-to-date on their assets.

    Even that is full of dark motives for BP; the possibility would be very reasonable that BP’s expectation that the people will keep pouring what money they have back into their possessions: The banking cartels will get fatter and fatter until the people die after a few years.

    And then the international bankers take all.

  • oop!

    Ain’t no such word as *pentance*. Teehehe.

    Oh dear!! Everybody saw me do that. Where’s that darn hankerchief?

  • soozla

    20 billion is a pittance in comparison to the devastation of the ecology and the lives of the people.
    Even using casual ratio-people affected versus dollar. We need a smaller word than pittance.

  • xdrfox

    Not a drop in an mega oil tanker is my perspective.

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