I am not even sure when I first realized what was going on in the Gulf of Mexico. But since that moment, not much has been the same for me.

I was born and raised in Florida. I am living in South Florida… right by the water. All of my family lives here, and most of my friends.

After spending many nights looking into the Deepwater Horizon/Macondo well blowout, I decided to start Florida Oil Spill Law and share the most relevant information.

I founded the site, I pay for it, and I put up the content.

I hope it’s helped to inform people about the extent of this disaster.

We need to start to understand our rights and the threat to our health, property, job, environment, happiness & everything else that will be impacted. What I was seeing in the local and national media barely scratched the surface.

Thanks for being concerned enough about this where you’d end up here.

This site is for informational purposes, so hopefully you’ve found it useful.

Please bookmark and spread the word.

Be safe.

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