Miami-area: Many large birds reported “floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil” — “Biologists mind-boggled” (VIDEO)

(Update I here)

Wildlife officials rescue Turkey Vultures, WSVN, November 10, 2010:

A passing boater contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Center after spotting the lethargic vultures floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil.

Rescuers took the birds to the Bird of Prey Center at the Miami Science Museum for treatment. “We’re gonna give them fluids; warm them up. These birds are probably all hypothermic, so a lot of supportive care and none of them appear to have any fractures, said employee Meranda Dickey of the Miami Science Museum.

Transcript Excerpts

Biologists mind-boggled by a depressing discovery in Biscayne Bay.

Birds flapping in the water…

Turkey Vultures, dozens of them.

Birds sporadically dispersed… about a mile slick of ’em

35-40 birds floating…

They were swimming towards the boat…

10 comments to Miami-area: Many large birds reported “floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil” — “Biologists mind-boggled” (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    Gulf Stream moving oil again ?

  • xdrfox

    Biscayne Bay covered in oil.

  • Mandolin

    Nowhere in the video did anyone say anything about the birds being covered in oil. No one says Biscayne Bay is covered in oil. Why are you saying that in your headline? They say waterlogged, but not oil-soaked.

    Who are you quoting when you say “floating in Biscayne Bay covered in oil”?

    These birds are land-dwellers. Swimming in the water of just about any temperature for any length of time could give these birds hypothermia.

  • kingfish33919

    Mandoln has her head in the sand , I hope for her sake that while it’s there she doesn’t breath in any of BP’s oil. Face it the East Coast is going to get its share of this mess. I have heard that Rush Limbaugh has his plane on 20 minute standby so he can get out of Dodge when the stuff washes up on his beach.

  • premurderedGOM

    birds can’t get “waterlogged” unless they have something like oil on them. i would assume they ate some toxic dead animals then became sick and disoriented landing in the oily gulf waters.

  • TSGordon

    Luckily, poison affects the rich and the poor alike! Rush will be just as dead as you and I if he goes about enjoying a walk through the serf-dom…

  • ducq

    @premurderedGOM, that makes sense.

    The birds are being taken care of “very well”. That’s good to hear.

    Perhaps some attention to the people of the Gulf next?

  • The video film of the turkey vultures has made me cry — of absolute joy! And, I’m so grateful for those at the rehabilitation center who are saving those birds, that I’m spinning with delight. Just spinning.

    I can’t wait to find out how the turkey vultures got out to sea. I suspect a person did that. But why? And from where? A bird farm?

    And God bless their little hearts: They [turkey vultures] approached the boat because they likely thought it was land, and in spite of their fatigue, they where trying to survive.

    I’m grateful for Maranda Dickey and her colleagues. I loved this happy story.

  • All this, & just for taking a 450 million $ Oil Rig, with equipment that ‘only takes 10,000 psi’, & drilling down to 35,000+ feet deep, to get 100,000+ psi, & then, “call it all an a-c-c-i-d-e-n-t”!!!

    (They’re obviously “special/privileged”! And NO BAD KARMA, will touch them.(?!?)
    Another erroneous belief?)

    No conscience, no soul. No soul, no conscience!

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