At least SIX ‘seeps’ found near Rigel methane deposits southwest of BP oil blow-out (PHOTOS)

Rigel is known to be a “highly successful” unproduced methane gas field.

The seeps were identified by the Joint Analysis Group and research vessel Thomas Jefferson.

The Joint Analysis Group is comprised of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

Several seeps southwest of the BP blow-out were first reported on June 21, 2010 by scientists aboard the R/V Thomas Jefferson. The seepage “appears to be natural gas” (methane) according to the NOAA report.

Did these seeps exist before BP began exploration of the doomed Macondo prospect?

Former Shell Oil executive and current Berkeley engineering professor Robert Bea is “troubled that we’re just now hearing about seeps three kilometers away, because a survey of the seabed conducted before BP drilled its well didn’t indicate anything like that,” according to the Times-Picayune.

He said, “There was nothing that indicated the presence of such a seep… I wonder why we’re just now finding that out?”

Bea has “very little confidence in what’s been said publicly about the seeps.”

This July 23 JAG report image shows areas of seepage near the BP blow-out, with the majority appearing near the Rigel gas field. Seeps are identified by purple cylinders:

BP blow-out = white cylinder (NOAA)

Seeps shown as ‘red and yellow columns’ & ‘purple cylinders’ in the June 21 report by the R/V Thomas Jefferson:

BP blow-out = solid bright red cylinder

More information on the Rigel gas field:

18 comments to At least SIX ‘seeps’ found near Rigel methane deposits southwest of BP oil blow-out (PHOTOS)

  • Funny how all of Matt Simmon’s worst case scenarios are being blown by, if you pardon the insensitive pun. Methane.

    Whoever thought the devil from the deep would come in the form of a gas?

    Interesting times indeed.


  • If anybody wants to send on something to a gulf coast resident, please consider forwarding this:

    All the best to all of you/us.

  • ChickenLittle

    ok. is it time to panic yet/?\. this is a new one. the sky is not falling but the seafloor is gonna blow…

    I have learned a lot about Louisiana since this deal happened. It used to be a pretty cool place, I guess.

    on a metaphysical plane… mbe we can focus, if nothing else, our attention and good karma waves on the situation. and pray for guidance and that justice be done.

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    The oil rig was intentionally blown up and BP intentionally drilled to deep to deliberately cause all of this devastation. And the International Bankers/Oil Barons/Illuminati/British Crown/ and their kingpins are doing all of this to futher ruin the economy of America and to put people out of work and kill thousands with all of these chemicals and additives!!

    So what ever happens; these evil monsters will have their way for a little while and plunge us into a horrible war where millions will die. For they are paranoid psychopathic/sociopathic eugenicist who want to decrease the worlds population to 2 billion.

    That means that they have been thinking for decades; how they can commit gross genocide on 4 billion people that they don’t want around.

    That way; these hellbound devils will only have 2 billion people to put their mark of the beast chip into their foreheads or right hands in the very near future.

    And if you take their zombie making and mind controlling chip; you will be forever cursed and thrown into hell by God because it will mean that you have deliberately joined Satan and his antichrist beast leader son!!

    Read Revelation 13 and 14 and especially Revelation 14:9-11. And this mark (chip) will eventually make you worship Satan and his antichrist beast leader son!!

  • Its a good thing we are 4th world country without military.
    Britain has just reclaimed us idiots well actually genocided us

  • We are at war with Britain

    Hey! its like being led to the gas chamber, smile for the camera

  • Yop really want to know what they are doing, read this 28 page book written by one of Obama’s best buddies. It is the Manifesto of the current administration.

    You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. They will tell you exactly why they are destroying our nation and how the are doing it. They are doing exactly what the book says to do and it is working perfectly. It is amazing that they got away without even showing one document proving Obama was eligible to hold office. The COLB on the internet is a forgery. It was proven to be a altered copy of his half-sisters COLB on the first day it was posted. Hawaii has no documentation whatsoever to produce. NOTHING AT ALL!

  • Digital Gravy

    This BP incident should allow us to re-evaluate how our government conducts itself (general speaking) as in LAWS, RULES, REGULATIONS, PUNISHMENTS and WHAT LAWS need eliminating ie. DRUG LAWS and CERTAIN ELECTION and TERM LIMITS, along with what laws need to be more vigorously enforced ie. POLLUTION LAWS, IMMIGRATION LAWS, TAX LAWS and FOREIGN ESPIONAGE LAWS.
    The citizenry have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to get new people into congress come NOVEMBER and thus change the course of our country for the better. Because I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m tired of RINOS and DINOS helping only 8 percent of its citizens, while leaving the rest of us out to dry

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