**BREAKING** Feds: Seepage likely from the RIGEL WELL — A ‘highly successful’ unproduced gas field (VIDEO)

Yet not one report on Rigel as of 11:59 p.m. EDT July 23

Transcript of Adm. Thad Allen’s July 23 briefing on BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil well, July 23, 2010:

David Dishneau: Admiral, this is David Dishneau from The Associated Press. I have a question regarding that seep that we’ve been trying to, that was identified within three kilometers… And I know that the Interior Department now is trying to assist with identifying that but the AP has developed a map that shows the two old wells within the radius that you described. And I wondered if I could show you this map and you could point out which of those you believe.

Admiral Allen: You caught me without my glasses. I think I can answer your question. I think we believe it might be attributed to what’s called the Rigl well, r-i-g-l [transcript error, actually spelled Rigel]…

Federal officials visit oil spill area, talk with BP, Oil & Gas Journal, April 30, 2010:

Transocean Ltd.’s Deepwater Horizon semisubmersible was on contract to BP to drill the Macondo well on Mississippi Canyon Block 252 in 4,992 ft of water near Rigel gas field. An Apr. 20 explosion and fire rocked the semi, leaving 11 crew members missing and presumed dead and injuring 17.

Westside – Rigel Deepwater Field Appraisal and Development, Westside Study Group, November 16, 2005

The Rigel exploration well, the Texaco OCS-G-18207 #1, was drilled in 1999 in Gulf of Mexico block MC 252 in 5200’ water depth. The well targeted a Miocene age, low-relief downthrown closure/stratigraphic trap that was supported by a strong amplitude response on the 3D seismic data. … The well encountered what was interpreted to be a 176’ thick gas-charged, low-permeability siltstone in the Rob E-age target. …

The appraisal drilling by Dominion, the operator, with its partners, Mariner and Newfield, was highly successful. As a result, the Rigel field is currently being developed as a one-well subsea tieback, as part of a larger subsea system. The project is nearly complete.

MTS Houston presentation May 25 to feature Dominion’s Rigel/17 Hands Subsea Development in the GOM
, Oil Online, April 6, 2006:

Rigel/17 Hands is a two-well, subsea, dry gas development in the Mississippi Canyon 252 area of the Gulf of Mexico, in water depths ranging from 3400 feet to 5800 feet. The two wells are tied back to the Chevron VK 900 host facility via the alrea flowline. All the equipment and controls were designed to be compatible with the existing Chevron system.

The distance from the host facility to the Rigel and 17 Hands wells is approximately 40 and 50 miles, respectively. Combined flow rates from the two dry gas wells is around 150 MMCFPD.

Dominion Makes Deepwater Discovery at Rigel Prospect, Rig Zone, November 05, 2003:

Dominion Exploration and Production has made a deepwater discovery at its Rigel prospect, located at Mississippi Canyon Block 296 in the Gulf of Mexico. The discovery is located in about 5,200′ of water… drilled to a total depth of about 16,200′ and encountered 140′ of gross gas pay in the main Rob E objective. Additional pay was found in a shallow objective that may allow for a future recompletion. The well has been temporarily abandoned for future use as a subsea completion.

Cal Dive Installs 17 Hands and Rigel Flowline System, Rig Zone, June 06, 2005:

Cal Dive International recently completed the installation of Dominion Exploration & Production’s 17 Hands and Rigel flow line system. The project included the installation subsea to subsea of 121,072 feet of 8 inch diameter pipe in water depths ranging from 3,500 to 5,883 feet from CDI’s reel lay vessel Intrepid. The pipe lay operation was initiated at the 17 Hands well location in MC 299 utilizing Cal Dive’s hinge over Pipeline End Termination (“PLET”) system, an in-line PLET was installed at the Rigel well in MC 252 then the flowline system was terminated with a standard second end PLET at the Gemini manifold location in MC 292.

Speculation about a possible impact on the Rigel well did occur at the Oil Drum. Once. About a month ago.

BP’s Deepwater Oil Spill – The Admiral on Casing and Connections, Oil Drum, June 21, 2010:


Anybody happen to know if the Rigel or 17 Hands gas fields are in danger of being affected by fluids from the BP stovepipe?…

The reason I ask is that over the last few days, I’ve seen what appear to be more gas in the plume… as if I can tell what it is when I see it. I’m referring to the globs of bluish white that you see in the plume.. not the milky dispersant from the nozzles. I have no idea what the pay depth for those two fields are, but if they are contributing to the flow… that would be bad.


Funny, I was looking at that the other day.

I’ve got a map which shows what I think is the Macondo well over to the east side of the 252 block, whereas the Rigel field straddles the southern boundary.

The Seventeen Hands gas line and an oil export line from Na Kika both cross the block in the south and west.

So all other on block infrastructure looks to be about 3 km to the south and west of the Macondo well.


The Rigel prospect has a measured depth of 16,200 feet. Macondo was drilled to 18,000 feet (and change). …

[I]t seems to me that 3 to 7 miles is not that far in strata that is as close as 340 vertical feet apart and that varies from impermeable to highly porous.

[The Macondo well] had to drill past (through?) that level [of the Rigel well] with what is now a casing of dubious integrity.


Macondo Well (Deepwater Horizon blow-out)

Rigel Well

6 comments to **BREAKING** Feds: Seepage likely from the RIGEL WELL — A ‘highly successful’ unproduced gas field (VIDEO)

  • jessica

    You are doing an excellent job on your research and informing the public. You are much appreciated. God Bless you and yours. My compassion and prayers go out to everyone (and the sea/air/land creatures and the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and our only Home, Planet Earth) effected by the bp crisis. Be Safe. Jessica

  • Well that’s all well and good, but why would a new well be “seeping” oil or gas, and if it is, why isn’t something being done about it? Is this the norm for wells on the sea floor, and it’s just that until now, nobody in the government has been telling us this? If so, we shouldn’t be drilling in the ocean at all.

    The other question is whether this “seepage” at the well is separate from the BP well, or whether it’s caused by the BP blowout. Prof. Bob Bea at UC Berkeley’s Deep Horizon Study Group says it could be gas coming up on an angle through so-called “growth faults” and surfacing near the other well.

    Dave Lindorff

  • If Macondo is the world’s 2nd largest oil field behing Saudi Arabia Just a thought: BP which has been the biggest oil company supporter of green energy & enviornmental groups alike completley in favor of the peak oil theory.Is it possible that it works in they’re favor to shut down this huge US oil discovery down so no other oil company can explore or tap into it& keeps the US pressure on Iran & the US in the middle east keeping the petrol dollar alive?

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    How many oil wells are leaking in that Gulf region!? Who knows by now. Because we have been fed so much misinformation that it is horrible to try to believe the lies that we are hearing. We can’t sort out the truth from the lies and deceptions because this is what these evil and hell bound INternational Bankers do. They lie and cheat and steal all the time.

    And their place in the great lake of fire and brimstone will be a horrifically agonizing one. As they will be screaming and yelling their heads off for trillions and trillions of years without end!!

    Why? Because they will eventually kill billions in their wars; and then the last war; Armageddon and they will also kill milllions and millions of Gods children who wouldn’t take their zombie making and mind controlling mark of the beast chip in their foreheads or right hand.

    Because if you take this mark (chip) you will forever be cursed and in hell by God because it will mean that you have joined Satan and his hellish crusade to rule the world; along with his antichrist beast leader son!! Who will solve all of the worlds problems. But inwardly; he will be a ravening wolf and great deceiver!!

    Read Revelation 14:9-11 if you want to know what will happen if you take this soul destroying chip!!

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