CDC survey of Gulf residents finds 50% of households experiencing respiratory issues within the PAST 30 DAYS — Feds suggest to “focus on mental health”

After oil spill, depression and stress levels rise in coastal Alabama, Press-Register, September 27, 2010:


An emergency survey* conducted door-to-door in coastal Alabama confirmed elevated levels of depression and stress following the oil spill and also detected possible effects, such as respiratory ailments…

  • At least half of the households queried in both counties had at least one member experiencing respiratory issues within the past 30 days. …
  • Respondents were encountering more physically or mentally unhealthy days than people in earlier statewide surveys.
  • “The increased prevalence of negative quality-of-life indicators, depressive symptoms and symptoms of anxiety,” according to the CDC report, “suggest that resources should focus on mental health intervention and follow-up surveillance.”

* The survey, by the Centers for Disease Control’s national Center for Environmental Health, is based on responses from 128 households in south Mobile County and 168 in south Baldwin, both in Alabama.

15 comments to CDC survey of Gulf residents finds 50% of households experiencing respiratory issues within the PAST 30 DAYS — Feds suggest to “focus on mental health”

  • Daniel Hughes

    When these folks start dying or developing cancer, I suppose that will be “mental health” issues as well. Hey, perhaps that’s why millions of fish and other aquatic animals have died as well! Mental health … that explains it all! How could we have been so dense as to not notice this before!?

    I am so thankful for our sagacious and compassionate American government. They really DO know better than we do! And to think I thought they were all corrupt, evil assholes who deserve a fate worse than death because of their sick, lying, sadistic, cock-sucking ways … And all the time it was I who was mistaken!

  • Pat

    Daniel Hughes

    I know you didn’t intend to be humorous with this witty round of sarcasm, but LOL.

    But seriously, you made the point very nicely.

  • Winston

    Wow, the CDC just gave us a “let them eat cake” experience.

  • turtledove

    Trust your direct experience.
    Slam your door in the faces of their “psychological help” what an insult to anyone’s sensiblilities!

    Corporate caused DEATH, Illness, economic devastation is cause for direct prosecution of the criminal perpetrators.
    They would have you visited by a psychologist than a DOCTOR or pay for your LOSSES which can never be repaid in dollars.
    They will not support DETOXING or do any recognizably decent cleanup or financial recompense which would add up to millions per person.

    Never allow these demons to define your reality.

    The Gulf in it’s entirety as a multi life form has been Genocided by corporate- domestic and international psychokillers.

  • Please flee the Gulf region, you are not only being poisoned to death, there is going to be a huge methane explosion and tidal wave that is going to kill millions, the concerns of geologists about huge methane deposits are true! Read Linda Newkirk’s prophecies at Book 12, Chapter 74.

  • Jessica

    BP has given Florida over $50 Million Dollars in “positive” advertising to get the tourists to come down to visit. The State of Florida owns more than $160 Million Dollars of BP stock. I live on the East Coast of Florida, Palm Beach County, and my jogging/biking days are getting more and more difficult. After my workouts, my “breathing tubes” are getting more and more inflamed. I need to drink a cup of tea/coffee after my workouts to enable myself to breathe easier. I am planning on leaving before November. Florida has been taken over by BP. Do not believe and positive news…things down here are getting worse and worse. I understand and have compassion for those that cannot leave. This is their home. They have a house, job, bills to pay…not everyone can just up and leave. We need to have compassion and pray for those who cannot leave. God Bless You and Yours. I wish everyone Peace.

  • can't believe it

    Yea, Jessica–I wish you could order my cousins down there to move it. People need to stop trying to be “cool” and “tough it out.” Wear a respirator!! It’s your survival! Moreover, the loss of Florida with its phenomenal beauty and biological diversity is a full-out environmental Holocaust. First, it was stealing the 2000 Election down there, now what?

  • Yankee228

    It will be like Agent Orange/ Anthrax vaccinations in Gulf War I – Gulf War Syndrome (tons of depleted uranium dumped all over Iraq- Afgan/ thus soldier – civilians but PHEW …it has been found that all these toxins are imagined, it’s all in their HEADS.

  • Gille

    Jessica – It is the same up here near Daytona. Lots of respiratory problems, wheezing, congestion, headaches, hoarseness, burning sore throats, rashes, and more. It has to be in the air, since I left town for 5 days, went up north, and all my symptoms got better in days. Then I came back and was sick again within days. I, too, am leaving soon. Nothing is worth the loss of your health. My prayers go out to all who are affected and those who need to wake up and realize that Florida is on its way out.

  • premurderedGOM

    You should see the people down here swimming in the Gulf, eating the fish and shrimp like nothing ever happened. It’s un-fuking real! My friends on the Va. coast are having respiratory issues. My brother quit his job months ago due to poor health in Ms. SENATE BILL S510, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, WAS SIGNED IN JUNE WHILE EVERYONE WAS WATCHING THE GOM. THE FEDS NOW CONTROL YOU VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS AND THE RIGHT TO GROW YOUR OWN DAMN FOOD! IT’S TIME……

  • Marcus

    Willful Denial

    My sister-in-law lives in a very nice home with her MD husband in Jacksonville. They are “living the dream” and do not believe there is a problem in the Gulf. She has had cancer twice, but it’s now in remission…but ya gotta believe her immune system is already maxed out. I sent her information twice before about two months ago, urging her to consider leaving. She thinks I’m misguided. It saddens me, but there’s nothing I can do.

  • I have a brother living in Keystone Heights, which is in central, northern Florida. I’ve suggested that he come live with me for a few weeks while he looks for a new home. He won’t hear of it; he claims all is well — that he’s fine.

    I hope it’s true.

  • Gonzo

    Can’t anyone out there measure radioactivity in an oil sample from the beach and re-confirm our fears that this oil spilled by BP is radioactive?. This is the real reason why BP is using so much toxic dispersant (Corexit) to keep the oil submerged and keep it from being washed ashore. Needless to say, if it’s radioactive the mid term consequences are going to be disastrous for public health.

  • Hobbit Baggins

    can’t believe it, I sympathize, I am trying to get my granddaughter out. She has been sick for 5 weeks. I hate to see her give up her scholarship but I am so afraid for her health.
    There is a detox kit available from gcbarefootdocs It is $25, all natural stuff.

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